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Representative work

4K (UHD)  

Ryuichi Sakamoto Live in New York "async"

2017, 60 min.  Shot with Sony FS5 and Sony α7 | UHD 59.94 | Produced by NHK


Life of Crime 1984-2020

2021, 120min. | HBO | Produced by DCTV | Assistant/Conforming Editor: Naomi Mizoguchi
Life of Crime: 1984-2020, is the culmination of 36 years of work from multiple Emmy Award-winning producer/director Jon Alpert (HBO’s “Baghdad ER”). The third and final part of an epic documentary trilogy tells the full story of three friends from Newark, New Jersey whose lives have been defined by and torn apart by their addictions. DOCNYC, Venice Film Festival, Peabody Award nominee


2021, 39min. | HBO | Produced by Downtown Community Television Center | Editor:  Naomi Mizoguchi
Filmed by young filmmakers (16-21 yrs old):Marcial Pilataxi, Aracelie Colón,Colón, Camille Dianand,Shane Fleming, Arlet Guallpa. Animation created by Rosemary Colón-Martinez. Tribeca Film Festival


2016, 5 min. (English with Japanese subtitle) | Produced by NHK
Shot with 5D MARK III camera in New York | Director: Masashi Kawamura watch

Our Heroes – Building Together a New Hawaii
2014, 45 min. (EN/JP) /Produced by Nito Tire
Shot with 5D MARK III camera in Hawaii and U.S. | Director: Hideharu Wanatabe

Japanese-American FBI chief and local police officer who rebuilt Hawaii   after Pearl Harbor. Excerpt

WARTORN, 1861-2010 
2010, 67 min. | HBO | Produced by Downtown Community Television Center
Shot in Afghanistan and Iraq /Executive Producer: James Gandolfini / Directors: Jon Alpert and Matt O’Neill

Soldiers returning from war suffering from PTSD,  more about the film

 Shall We Sing?
2007, 30min. 57min (EN/JP) | Produced by UN-NUN Productions
Shot in New York |Director: Reina Higashitani

Fifty Japanese businessmen living in New York participate in choral singing.

Excellence Award and People's Award (Tokyo Video Festival), Audience Award (Connecticut Film Festival), Broadcast by PBS (U.S.), KTV (Japan) watch

more about the film

Bullets in the Hood – Anti-Gun violence tour
2006, 15min. | Produced by Downtown Community Television Center
Shot in New York and Connecticut | Director: Shannon Sonenstein

Grassroots initiative against gun violence by affected communities. watch

TV documentary series

Soccer Planet
2013-2015, 6min.-13min. | Produced by NHK
Shot in North and South Americas

Soccer players including college and professional players

Asian Dreamers 
2014, 15 min. (EN/JP) | Produced by NHK
Shot in U.S

The segment in a series about Asians who came to the U.S. to achieve their dreams. watch - Ramen Chef from Myammer

more about the show

New York Wave
2008-2011, 20min. | Produced by NHK

Features various New Yorkers

16mm film

Co-Editor/ Co-Writer/ Assistant Director
It Begins in the Last
2003, 53 min. |Produced by Osaka Prefecture Government, Board of Education
Shot in Japan/Director: Yukio Tanaka

Teenage boy whose struggle with stuttering makes it hard to relate to people meets a shoe artisan in Buraku, a community founded on a caste system dating back to feudal times.



2016, 10-15min, Japanese Talks, Naomi Kawase, Keiichiro Hirano, and many others.

Sample reels

Representative work


Ainu - Indigenous People of Japan
2018, 81min. 2019, 61min | Produced by GARA FILMS
Shot in Hokkaido, Japan

Service Learning Inquiry
2013, 27 min. | Produced by Tunxis Community College
Shot in Utah, Nevada, Arizona

Students attempt to deal with uranium-contaminated water at Navajo and Hopi reservations watch

Child Abuse 
2004, 8 min. | Produced by Kansai TV
Shot in Japan

Voice of parents who have abused their children

Hello Nippon
2001-2003, 20 min. | Produced by NHK
Shot in Japan

Series about foreigners who live in Japan

Cultural Programs 

A Poet: Tsuyuko Isonokami
2002, 20 min. | Produced by Tondabayashi City, Board of Education
Shot in Japan

Profile of a popular but obscure poet of the Meiji and Taishō eras (late 19th and early 20th century, born an heiress to the family business

Traditional Children's Songs in Kyoto
2001, 27 min. | Produced by KDDI
Shot in Japan

Performances of traditional songs at historical sites watch


9.11 Circle Wind Charity Concert
2015, 90min | Produced by 9.11 Circle Wind Memorial Concert Corp.
Shot in New York, 3 cameras

Reona Ito Chamber Orchestra & Chorus 
2006-2013, 60-90min | Produced by RICC
3- 8 cameras  watch

Live TV show 

World Wave Morning 
2014- current, 10-12min. | Produced by NHK

Live weekly New York Show broadcast in Japan

Educational Video

Find the Spirit of Buraku in Dalit
2008, 36min. | Produced by Flug Eizo
Shot in India and Japan | Directors: Yukio Tanaka and Naomi Mizoguchi

A young woman leads people from her hometown Buraku, and caste-based community during back feudal times, to find parallels in India.

16mm film

Director/Editor /Scriptwriter
Heart-city Kishiwada
1997, 20min. | Produced by Yomiuri Eizo
Shot in Japan

Contemporary and historical look at the city fonits 75th anniversary.

Sample reels


Japanese - English, Korean, Spanish and more as you need


Liaison of production in U.S. and Japan

Representative work

Feature Film


Itecho – The butterflies of winter on the path
2014, 71min. | Produced by Fura Creation Office
Shot in and Japan/ Directed by Yukio Tanaka
Original Language: Japanese
Translated Language: English/Spanish

Profiles of individuals exploring different sexual identities, more about the film

The Gift from Pachamama 
2008, 104min Produced by Dolphin Productions
Shot in Bolovia | Directed by Toshifumi Matsushita
Original languages: Quechua/Spanish/Aymara
Translated Language: Japanese/English/Spanish

A young boy travels across Bolivia with a salt caravan, bringing to life the indigenous culture and traditions of the Andean Quechua people


Subtitlist / Second camera
Mapping the Future, Nishinari 
2006, 53min. | Produced by Fura Creation Office
Shot in Japan, England |Directed by Yukio Tanaka
Original Language: Japanese/English
Translated Language: Japanese/English

A community is challenged to create jobs for homeless and young dropouts. more about the film

Translator / Subtitlist / Associate Director/ Camera / Co-Editor/
Pak Poe 
2003, 65min. | Produced by Fura Creation Office
Shot in Japan, U.S., Korea | Directed by Yukio Tanaka
Original Language: Japanese/English/Korean
Translated Language: Japanese/English/Korean

Tracing three decades of a musician’s life in Japan, Korea, and the U.S.

TV Series

Court Mysteries
2012- present, 90-180min. | Produced by Fuji-TV
Shot in U.S

Court cases in the United States


Representative works

 4K (UHD)

NHK Special Series - The Body

2017, 59min. | Produced by NHK
Coordinated in the U.S., including Wyss Institute (Harvard University), Massachusetts Institute of Technology , DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Technology), filmed about Organ-on-chip research

 TV Special Program

NHK Special Series - Mega Disaster
2014, 90min. | Produced by NHK
Coordinated in the U.S., including NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), USGS (U.S. Geological Servey), Alaska University, Princeton University

A series explaining of natural phenomena (volcanic eruption, extreme weather)
Award winner:  Ministory of Education at 56th Science and Technology Film/Video Film Festival (2015, Japan)

Global Debate Wisdom Series
2014- present, 120min. | Produced by NHK
Coordinated in the U.S.

Monthly live debate show from all over the world (


Women's Revolution - To live in Trump's regime  
2017, 50min. | Produced by NHK
Coordinated in New York, and Washington D.C. at Women's March

The Future of Media
2015, 49min.| Produced by NHK

Coordinated in the U.S., including, Associated Press, Columbia University, Stanford University,
Explore up-to-date technology of AI and IoT in the U.S. 49min, watch (Japanese)